Keyscape causing Cantabile 3 Performer to lock up


I’m using Cantabile Performer 3.0 on a Dell i9, 64gigs RAM, Windows 10 laptop. I’ve been using Keyscape for several years now with no real issues. Lately, though, I’m having a pretty serious issue with Keyscape. After setting up a song, everything works just fine until I close Cantabile and open it again. Here are the issues I’m having:

  1. Keyscape appears to load normally. Keyscape is set to receive on the proper channel. When I play the green dot lights up in both the input port and the Keyscape VST line, but there is no sound. I have to delete Keyscape and re-add, then it works, for a while. After closing down Cantabile and opening again, the problem repeats. No other VST I use has this problem.

  2. If I Pre-load a set list, it loads and performs just fine. When I close Cantabile, it will not close and locks up, unrecoverable. I have to force the app to close. When I re-start Cantabile, the set list preloads again just fine until I either try to de-select Pre-load, or close Cantabile again and it locks up. I’ve tried removing Keyscape from all songs in the set list and the problem goes away, Pre-loading and closing just fine. This seems to narrow it down to Keyscape.

This is driving me crazy as I use Keyscape heavily in almost every project I’m involved in.