Keyscape and host automation ID not recalling properly with states

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Hi !
So , I got another issue with Keyscape in Cantabile . Let’s say I want to use the plugins parameters , by enabling Host automation for the controllers in keyscape . I obviously enabled the plugins parameters in the state behaviour . But for the parameters that are discrete choice ( for example the effect type in rhodes classic or , the type of preamp , they are not recalled correctly from one state to another . Let’s say i create a state with chorus 1effect , then another with phaser 1 , when I switch the first time from one state to another , it works as intended , but the next time i recall the first state , the effect type selected in keyscape is wrong…Maybe it’s because of what it’s been recongnized in the plugin parameters ? it appears as " Engine1265_custom12" , with a percentage …

With parameters with a simple knob , it works as intended…But anytime this a discrete choice parameters , it doesn’t.

Any idea ?

Thanks !


Hi @HAIKINE_Alexandre,

When switching states are you doing anything else like reloading the plugin preset? ie: what state behaviours do you have selected for that plugin?



Hi Brad ! Thanks for your answer ! Here’s what my state behaviour looks like (I even unchecked the “selected program” to try it,but no change ) . Pretty standard settings which works for all others plugins :frowning:

For the test , I only enabled automation on the modulation FX type . And same behaviour as described before.
As I said before , it’s only when it’s a discrete choice in Keyscape , the automation of the knobs works perfectly .


I made a video of the bug if it’s useful for you :


Hi ! Little up ! @brad , did you get a chance to look into my problem ? Is my video clear enough ?


Hi @HAIKINE_Alexandre,

It’s on my list… had a crazy (non-Cantabile related) week and hoping to dive into this and some other issues next week.



Thank you very much @brad , take all the time you need !


Hi @HAIKINE_Alexandre

Had a look at this this morning and I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in Keyscape. I’ll forward this to Spectrasonics with appropriate technical details.



Thanks @brad , keep me updated !


Spectrasonics replied, they’re looking into it.