Keyboard shortcuts

Now I’m using Cantabile 3 very heavily for upcoming gigs, I’ve found some missing keyboard shortcuts I think would be very useful. I don’t think they’re available currently, in the custom list. They are:

File -> Save Rack
Edit -> Audio Ports (for a plugin)
Edit -> Rack Audio Ports

I’ve just discovered Enter to edit a selected rack, and Escape to return to the song - use them all the time now!

Hi Neil,

Try these:

For Audio Ports, it’s there but badly named. This command will work on audio ports for any object, not just plugins (racks, media players and plugins). I’ll rename it.

I just noticed Edit MIDI ports command is missing though - I’ll add it.


Aagh, that’s the second time I’ve failed to use custom key bindings correctly. I never think to click “Add” (obvious as it is), and instead, just scroll down the existing list, failing to find what I need.

Thanks Brad!

When I wrote that dialog, I remember thinking to myself that nobody’s going to remember to click the Add button.

But figured all the common commands would be bound and visible anyway.

Which kinda reinforces the original problem of forgetting about the Add button.


The other option would be for the main list to include all supported keyboard bindings, and have or something in the right-hand column for the unbound ones. Then you could get rid of “Add”, but you’d probably also need to change “Delete” to “Reset”, for changing an individual binding back to its default (which could be unassigned).

Removing the “Add” button should remove the problem of people forgetting to click it :smile: