Key Range to Note MIDI Filter

Cantabile now supports a new “Key Range to Note” MIDI filter that can map a range of keys to a single note. This can be handy if you want to designate a section of your keyboard to trigger some action such as starting a drum loop.

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Hi, can you tell me how do I do this in v4 Solo, please?

Hi Pete,

It is the same as in V3. You set the note range you want with the Key Range settings and the Target note output below that. You can either block the out of range notes or not by setting the switch.




This is the reverse of this topic. Is there a way in Cantabile make one midi note input play multiple notes? With Remap Note Filters, it can be done with parallel routes, but surely these is a better way… If a D chord is desired when hitting D-50, a route for the original midi note remapped note for F#, and another four A. That could get pretty “stringy” in the route view.

I’ve been using CodeFN42 Notemapper for this task and I (and I think Brad) believe it’s causing some problems. I’m hoping I’ve missed something internal to Cantabile.

You can use bindings for the scenario you indicate, I guess.

Thank you. Yes, that will work. That method is still very tedious as each note must have a NOTE ON binding and a NOTE OFF binding (that’s how I could get the scheme to work).

Update: But if the bindings are in color coded groups with nice labels, it’s a one time deal for each song. Might not be too bad…

Looks like a good application for an Embedded Rack (from File) and just change/enable the bindings as needed. I’ll play some more…

I’m adding the bindings and they work, but how does one pass thru the note velocity? I’ve tried a few expressions but I’ve not hit the target, yet.

The velocity is not passed with ‘note on’ in bindings AFAIK. You could use multiple input routes in an embedded rack and use transpose to make the chord output

or note remapping filters in each route.


That’s another good way. Thanks.

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Thank you Dave

For this kind of chord generation you might be better off with a chordator plugin. There used to be some quite good ones but I haven’t looked recently to recommend any.

I’m trying to remove Notemapper because sometimes it’s at the end of the log.txt file after a crash. If there’s a better vst, please let me know. An internal Cantabile filter than mapped an input note to more than one output note would be great, too! Entering a list with comma separators in the “To” column would help. Or maybe multiple “To” Columns with a “Send Original Note” check box.


Please send details and I’ll look into it.

That should be possible - logged it.

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