KERNELBASE error (and fix)

just for the record:

my laptop ran out of battery whilst recording.
i’d disabled an acpi battery device in order to reduce latency so the system gave no warning and just died.
after a reboot the recorded file was fine.
but C3 booted with the KERNALBASE error.
the only way out was a settings file nuke.
however, i used Beyond Compare to start adding my old config back to the reset one. (a big thanks to @brad for choosing .json)
when I got to the recordings directory the KERNELBASE error came back.
i then looked at the CantabileRecordingInfo.json
that had been trashed.
once it was deleted i could go back to using the original settings file, and everything was back to normal.
(a copy of the settings file is in the crash dump .zip)

hope this helps someone sometime,


You didn’t happen to keep a copy of the porblematic CantabileRecordingInfo.json file did you?

I’ve been using Beyond Compare for years. Saved me numerous times.

i didn’t keep a copy but did look at it in notepad+
it was full of NULL.
just like this example off the web:
which i think notepad+ uses when a character is unprintable.


I’m not sure what caused the original problem here (ie: the file full of nulls) but I suspect it’s a file system error as there’s no reason I can determine why Cantabile would write the file like this.

That said, I’ve made a fix for the next build that will at least allow Cantabile to start if the file is corrupted. You’ll get a message like this:


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