Keep sound when state change

Hi there.

In a song I have 2 states (song parts)
During state 1 I play a sound without problems (piano sound), but when I switch to state 2 the piano sound stops abruptly.

In state 2 I have a string sound.

Is there a possibility that when you change from state 1 to state 2, the piano fade will continue to sound until you start playing the strings?

Greetings and thank you very much … as always!

Hi @arcoss,

How are you changing sounds in the 2 states? Are they different patches in the same VSTi? If so then that’s going to happen I’m afraid. If you want seamless patch changing, you’re going to need either a multi-timbral VSTi, such as Kontakt or UVI Workstation, or otherwise 2 different racks or separate instances of your VSTi, with the 2 sounds set up. Then when you change states, change the midi target of the route from your keyboard. This way Cantabile just routes midi to a different place without cutting the sound. It also intelligently waits for note off or sustain pedal off messages if you want to hold them over the state change.

Hope this makes sense, I’m away from the computer right now and it’s harder to explain with text than it would be to show you with pictures. Also, Brad’s excellent getting started vids will help out with all this…

Let us know if you need any more help!


Hi @Toaster.

I have been trying for a few days but have not gotten any results.
Answering your question, the vst are different.

I have seen Brad’s videos, but either I have not heard (my English is not very good) or I have not seen it.

I am attaching screenshots of how I have it, as well as a sound check just when I play the piano and then I switch to the strings … the “fade” sound of the piano is completely lost.
Change Piano To (84.5 KB)


When you de-activate a plugin, all processing is stoppedpretty much immediately, so naturally, there isn’t any “tail” from your piano sound.

Simply DON’T deactivate the piano plugin when you switch to the string sound; only deactivate the route to the piano. This way, the piano will be allowed to ring out, but any new notes will only get sent to the strings. Same thing the other way round when you switch back to piano - all string notes will be allowed to decay slowly.




Hi @Torsten

Now it works perfectly.
Bad habit of mine to mute the plugins when I change state.

Greetings and thank you!