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Hello, I hope all is doing well with New Year. I have a question about recording function on Cantabile performer. I usually have complex midi controller sets for my synth/VSTs and Cantabile has been wonderful with my purpose. I record my playing by Cantabile recording function (record main audio output(speaker) and insert the audio file into another DAW like Reaper for mixing. At times I found the audio quality is different and it can be lacking some detail of sound nuance compared to what I hear from headphone while real time playing. My recording file format settings are - reatime(compatible), 32bit floating point; automatic wave file type. Please advise me how to get the best audio recording out of Cantabile. Nowadays I am also thinking of testing recording everything on DAW and compare this with the recording done from cantabile. Thank you so much.

I’d recommend doing it in a way that can be null tested. If it is a proper nullable test and fails, we have objective information to work with to delve into it further. LOL, I’ve seen tons of threads about sound quality and they all became quite useless until objective testing was used instead of “my ear tells me” tests. So just trying to help you get yours started off on the right foot! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for reply. I will look into this. Anyway , I feel the recording function on Cantabile is really a big plus and very helpful. But I still wonder if any pro-musician here has used this C3 recording function in their professional music production process. Best,

Yes, I’ve used Cantabile’s record function to deliver a released live album. I’ve had no problems at all with the recording quality.

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Great! Can you share your recording file setting if you could? Do you think mine ( reatime/compatible), 32bit floating point; automatic wave file type) is good enough? Many thanks.

24-bit wav is fine. 32-bit is really overkill.

Leave the same generous headroom you would in any DAW - peaks no higher than -10dBFS.

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