Keep Cantabile minimized/trayed when changing songs and using global hotkeys


Is this possible? I use the program either minimized or as a background process using RBtray. And change songs with MIDI. I get a nice on screen display popup telling me what I just did but it maximizes and brings focus to Cantabile.

Another big plus would be Cantabile receiving global hotkey combinations from PC keyboard even when not focused. Is this possible?


Hi @barbaroja

Cantabile restoring itself on loading a song sounds like a bug… I’ll have to check it out.

As for binding global PC keys, this can be done with a “system wide” PC Keyboard binding like this:



I am using global bindings for MIDI to change songs. Cantabile is in one Desktop and my lyrics program is in another Desktop. That way Cantabile will respond to MIDI but doesn’t need to be minimised. This works for Windows 10.