Just to make sure I am not missing something

You cannot set a master track (Sync mode) if the media player is within a rack, yes? The only option is to slave. Okay, that being the case, how does one sync all the media players in a “rack” to the main transport bar?


Hi @pax-eterna

Correct, currently media file syncing is only supported in the song itself. It’s a limitatio and it’s on the list of things to address at some point (maybe).

That said, I don’t think it’s a big limitation because generally media files are per song anyway - so just put them in the song rather than in racks.

Let me know if you have a scenario where that’s a problem.


haha Brad, the scenario I am trying to accomplish is the problem!

I have mulitple media files per song. IE one for a drum part, one for a guitar part, one for a strings part and so on. This give me greater control over the “live mix” when at a gig. So what I am trying to do (to save time) is to create one “Media Player” rack that I simply insert into each song and simply add the appropriate MP3 file for the parts used for the song.

Much the same as I have an main outs EQ rack that I embed into every song.

If it is not possible then that’s that, no harm done, and I’ll have to go back to the manual method for each song haha!

I still cannot figure the levels of the MP3’s slaved, but that is the subject of another thread :wink:

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