Jump Prevention between Mapped CC

My system has Foot Pedal A which is CC14 and ranges from 0-127 and Foot Pedal B which is CC15 and ranges from 0-127. Both of these pedals are mapped in the song binding to CC11 and output to an external MIDI device (Kemper, Morph CC). The idea is to have foot pedals located at different parts of the stage that do the same function. This works quite well. I can modulate Foot Pedal A or B and the Kemper Morphs just as expected.

However, I cannot figure out how to weave the Cantabile Jump Prevention into this scenario. Supposed the last pedal touched was Pedal A (CC14) and it was left at 127. Thus, CC11 is now at 127. Then if Pedal B is a 0, the second I touch Pedal B, CC11 jumps to 0 (or a low number) and there is a jump.

Cantabile “knows” all the value of CC14, CC15, and CC11; how can I stop CC11 from moving until either CC14 or CC15 passes/equals the value of CC11? I do not get the encoding option under the Value column.

Hi easteelreath,

I would use an embedded rack for this. Since you wish to have a common output (cc11) you could use the rack’s Gain slider as the common target for your CC14 & 15 pedal messages and use the same Gain slider to generate the CC11 messages. On each input binding you would set the jump prevention on output port.

and set the third binding up for CC11 via gain slider value.

So all the bindings look like this in a group, I routed to a loopMIDI port but that can be whatever you want.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Perfect and thanks! I also have a bass pedal midi note mapped to CC11 to turn the Kemper Morph on and off: Press a bass pedal key with “sticky note” and “note as controller” filters to morph on/off. Feeding that Morph CC11 (0 or 127) into the rack and binding to the rack output gain links all three activators (Foot Pedal A, Foot Pedal B, and bass pedals). There are no jumps between any of the three pedals.

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