JRiver to Cantabile

I am a newbie. I need help/guide on how to send music from JRiver to Cantabile so that I could add two third party VST to them. I have tested the VST and both of them work in 32 bit Cantabile.

I intend to send the stereo channels of 2.0 or 5.1 format music to Cantabile and split the stereo (front left and right) to 11 more pairs.In Cantabile, each stereo channel will go through the VST. One VST with different setting for each stereo channel. I am basically using only two different VST but each with different setting.

I have Motu 24Ao interface.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.


I can’t say that I fully understand what you’re trying to do, but it sounds more like a job for a DAW (and get JRiver out of the equation) than for a piece of performance software like Cantabile.

Cockos Reaper would be a good start - it supports surround formats and hosts VST plug-ins. You will be able to split and manipulate the audio in any way you want.

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Thanks for the reply. You are the second person to suggest Reaper but my progress there is slow compared to Cantabile.

This is basically a system with 22 speakers. Except for the main speakers, the rest produce the ambience of a concert hall using unique impulse response for each pairs of other speakers.

The closest I managed to do this is with Audiomulch connected via virtual cable. Somehow, I can’t send multi channel sound through the cable.

I am unable to use DAW alone because I have 30000 songs in various format. It is easier to set the playback to 44.1 in JRiver. I thought this kind of implementation should be straight forward but it has been about a year I am looking for a solution.

Thank you once again, The _ Elf for giving a suggestion.

My suggestion would be to use a “virtual audio cable” connection between JRiver and Cantabile to route audio data. Sounds like VB-Cable / Voicemeeter from Vincent Burel is the right tool - @terrybritton is the resident guru for this context - Terry, can you help here?



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Thank you, Torsten.

I am using VB cable but for the past three days it is causing some distortion. ( edit - just sorted out that. Buffer size was too small). I am told this kind of setup requires Mac but I am stuck with windows10 due to the only available XTC VST plug-in is window based only.

If this is merely for playback, then set your buffers on the MOTU high - like 1024 - and relieve all stress on your CPU thereby.

Using Voicemeeter Banana you can obtain three sets of eight outputs (A1, A2, and A3) plus perhaps use the B1 and B2 outputs. Interesting application here!

If you write Vincent I know he will be happy to help you sort this out. He responds very quickly to emails. vincent.burel@vb-audio.com


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Terry, thank you for the suggestion.

I bought VB cable A and B but there is no way to offset the channel with JRiver and VB.

I will contact Vincent and see how to get the VM working with JRiver.