jBridge performance mode

The jBridge performance “trick” of running a heavyweight plugin via jBridge in performance mode is really handy, as discussed in various other threads here. However I’ve only been able to use it when running a 32-bit plugin in 64-bit Cantabile. What I’d like to be able to do is run a 64-bit plugin via jBridge in 64-bit Cantabile, because in this case, I’m not using it for 32/64 bit compatibility, but to run the audio buffers asynchronously in performance mode.

Is this possible, and if so, what am I missing?


Yes - I hit this roadblock too.
Had to use the 32 bit DIVA and bridge that.
64 bridged version shows:

But… I can grab the 64 bridged plugin in Nuendo.
@brad think there is some conflict with Cantabile’s built in jbridge support when bridging 64 to 64.