Jamstix 4.5 update available

For the bunch of us Cantabile users who use Jamstix there is an update to 4.5

While I was there I noticed that C3 forum member @sekim has a nice clip “Raven” on the Jamstix demos list:


The website seems to be down - what a pity. I used Jamstix from the beginning everytime a real drummer wasn’t available and I can’t stand midi files for drums.

Wow, that is a blast from the past! That was Rayzoon’s take on a cover I did with a close friend in 2006…from my very first home studio “album”…lol. I never heard the original song by Robert Earl Keen until after I did the cover arrangement…wondered what he would think of it since it is so different from his original. Here is a link to the unaltered cover before Rayzoon subbed in their drum part to highlight their product:

Thanks dsteinschneider for reminding me of a fun time from long ago! BTW, vocal and acoustic guitar is my friend, as is the song choice. I did electric, bass, sequenced B4, Rayzoon for the tasty brushes on kit.

[edit] …and just saw the original post was from Nov 21…missed it then and missed it now too, lol.

I can open it all right - there just seems to be an issue with the site certificate (it expired 9 days ago). Once you create an exception in your browser, you can continue to the site.

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Yes, I saw the problem with the certificate - not a good sign for further development. Long ago I had hope that DAW creaters would adapt this concept instead of using boring midi files.

Very nice song.