Jam Origin with Cantable

Has anyone tried Jam Origin
with Cantable? the demo version does not provide a VST option, only the licensed software. I am thinking of Jam Origin using analog guitar signal to transmit midi notes to other VST synths, hosted by Cantable.

Yeah it’s a winner.
Even though it works very well our guitarist hasn’t used it much.
He noted that you have to play very cleanly for best results

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I have tried it with Canabile, and it did well. I was able to trigger other VIs, but it really requires learning a different way to play guitar. IMHO I believe the technology is getting much better, but don’t expect it to magically play chords easily. The voicings are much different on a fretboard. Single notes are not bad, but again, learning how to achieve a believable piano or organ riff will take some time. It does mis-trigger wrong notes when playing guitar normally. There are ways fine tune it, but I was just too busy to spend a ton of time with it. I think it is still in the novelty stage, but maybe someday it will allow me to play an amazing synth lead without having to switch to keyboard. :wink:

Or just buy one of these… way less expensive than a SynthAxe!
They work surprisingly well-