iZotope Spectral Synthesis - Iris 2 - $10 on PluginBoutique

Over the years I’ve gotten a bunch of AIR and other developer’s products for a few dollars or free from PluginBoutique.com, some of which I use regularly. Not sure I would use Iris 2 but interested to hear if anyone has.

At that price it’s a bargain. I have it and use it occasionally, it’s capable of some quite interesting sounds.

I have bought it a few months ago but only in the last weeks I have had a chance to learn how to use it. The concept of modifying the frequency content of a sample over time just by drawing the “active” zones on the spectrogram is intriguing.
You can obtain unique sounds in this way, even starting from your own samples.
I have had some problems, though: at times I get crackling sounds while playing (similar to the one you obtain when load is over 100%). I have not discovered the cause, yet, but they seem more frequent when I use the “New York” low pass filter. They happen less frequently (if they happen at all) using the other filter models.
The interface is quite nice. You can modulate almost every paraneter (there are five LFOs and five EGs) and you can assign “macro” controls to modulate more than one parameter at once (and you can control the “macro” knob via midi).

At 10$ it is certainly worth it.


I have it since it was part of iZotope’s $49 bundle (incredible value imo). The presets I went through weren’t all that impressive imo, but the video they have about doing sound design looks very intriguing. Its something I’ll definitely want to play with when I have the time. So if you want it, the $10 deal is solid imo, and the $49 deal even better if you need or want any of the other stuff in that bundle (Sweetwater). The reverbs in that bundle alone were worth the price imo. BTW, the bundle also comes with about half a dozen add on libraries. Not sure about the $10 deal.

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Thanks for the great detail. Didn’t know about the $49 bundle. I decided to pass, got my hands full with Surge.