Izotope Phoenix Verb $9

Has anyone used this reverb? It’s on sale for $9.

Currently I use ReaVerb, Black Hole and TAL.

Two reverbs I’ve thought about buying are Valhalla VintageVerb or Soundtoys Little Plate

Thanks for any advice

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Valhalla is great. Been using a lot for a couple of years now. Soundtoys is good, but I prefer Valhalla. I stay away from the presets though and do my own.

I have Valhalla vintage Verb and love it. Really user friendly and sounds great. No I-Lok needed either.

  • Paul
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+1 for the Valhalla reverbs and delays

I like Valhalla too but usually end up using “room” over “vintage”.

I bought it but I’ll probably use it only with the DAW because of the ilok thing.
Most the time I use Acon Digital Verberate2.

I’ve installed several products with the Pace/iLok license manager. I’ve moved things around between my desktop (Reaper), laptop main (Cantabile) and laptop backup (Cantabile) and never had any issue. Once you install the license it doesn’t need to be online. I’m usually pretty down on DRM schemes but the software version of iLok has seemed fair and reliable. I have Hybrid, Xpand!2 and Eventide BlackHole licensed through it. I use Hybrid and Xpand!2 regularly for live performance.

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I have a couple of ilok plugins here too and so far it works fine with my studio computer but I doubt that they will provide more than one or two activations (haven’t installed it yet since I’m waiting for a new studio computer where I have to set up all plugins and software new anyway).

I installed a new 2nd disk drive on one of my laptops. iLok hasn’t worked since. Uninstalled/reinstalled, registry hacks, 3rd party tools, nothing works. I’ve ditched Xpand as a result.

Well, that’s a heads up. Sorry to hear that, adding a second drive is a common change to a computer. I thought the iLok thing is that as long as you remove the license from one machine you can add it to another as many times as you need. If someone can confirm or correct me on that it would be helpful.

Re: RackedBrain: 2nd disk drive. Would I assume you had ilok installed to the hard drive? I installed some ilok licenses on a computer (hard drive based), changed out a second drive. Licenses failed. Called ilok and they reactivated my licenses. Hardware changes will cause a computer based license to fail. Ilok dongle based should be OK.

Clarification, even changing out the non-boot drive will cause a computer based license to fail… Fussy.

I’ve been having fun with Arturia’s Plate 140, it was free briefly when it came out. Just a touch is very nice on winds.

Yes, that’s what I discovered (by replacing non-boot drive). Tried uninstall/re-install, Reg hacks, etc. It will work with the physical iLok, but no other way.

Recovering the iLok HD license after the change may not be possible.

But if you get the opportunity to prepare for it, de-activate license, move to cloud, install hardware, re-activate