Izotope Ozone 11 and Music Production Suite 6

Izotope have just released Ozone 11 and Music Production Suite 6, which I have been using for a number of years

As a “loyal Customer”, I have been given upgrade offers of $149 for Ozone and $229 for the Music Production Suite

But this is where there is loyalty and loyalty!

Because the very next email in my inbox (after the Izotope announcement) was one from Plugin Boutique, where the upgrades being offered are $39 for Ozone and $49 (yes you read that correctly) for the Music Production Suite.

I was a little sceptical about whether or not the upgrade purchased from Plugin Boutique would register correct as an upgrade with Izotope Product Portal and the account I already have, but I took a punt and it has worked fine and thus saved me $180 dollars on what Izotope was offering me directly!

Lesson learnt is if you wish to purchase a plugin, even an upgrade, check with a site like Plugin Boutique first!

I have had quite a few heavily discounted bargains from them lately. I was looking at this Visual Synthesizer for my next Spectral Streams live shows to add more visual interest (as well as my DMX lights), and it is sold at €99 direct from the vendor, which was a reasonable price for what it does, but when I was searching for it, an offer came up from Plugin Boutique to purchase it for £20, and with some tokens I had from previous purchases, i got it for £14. A steal for that price!


I checked Plugin Boutique and the upgrade offer for Ozone 11 is $99, which is exactly the same as Izotope is offering :frowning:

It does appear to have been removed, so lucky I moved quickly!

Yes they do offer great deals for a short time. I got Wavestate Native for £39 instead of the official £199. It was a little involved - I had to set up an account and download the trial version from Korg, then the “deal” was the sound library and an unlock code, but really worthwhile! I got a similar deal for Eventide’s “Black Hole” reverb vst.