iZotope Holiday Bundle Sale $49

They have a suite of 4 “Elements” versions: Ozone (AI assisted mastering), Neutron (AI assisted instrument tracks), Nectar (AI assisted vocal tracks), RX8 (audio cleaning). Bundle also includes full versions of Trash 2 (distortion), Iris 2 (synth), and Exponential Audio’s Excalibur, Phoenix Verb, and R2 reverb.

I’ll be honest, I figured the AI stuff would be a complete joke. But I tried it on an existing project with 20+ tracks and did Neutron AI on every track and then Ozone AI on the mixdown and darn if it didn’t beat my mix by a pretty good margin in all of fifteen minutes time invested. Lows spot on, nice punchy mix overall. And I think tweaking it a little would make it even better.

Tried Nectar on a vocal, and similar findings though not as wide a margin. But its way, way faster getting to a somewhat better result. Literally record, slap on this plug, play back a few seconds for it to analyze, done. The darn thing even includes a chromatic pitch corrector, something I’ll often run on a vocal that’s fairly solid but can be even better with a transparent smidgen of tightening up pitch.

Since I’ve always excelled at balancing a mix but struggle with getting the lows spot on and getting a really punchy mix, this bundle feels like an absolute steal for me. I did the demos, it worked, and I bought it. LOL, and got a bunch of other stuff that’s good even though I may never use it…though I can see uses for Trash 2 and the algo reverbs, they actually sound great imo.

Just a followup on mixing with the AI assisted Neutron on instrument tracks. It puts an exciter on pretty much everything which can result in a mix that is brash on top. Fortunately the exciter in Neutron also has its own mix level and disable button. So on my test mix I disabled it on a lot of things and adjusted down on others, left some as-is and it sounds great.

As a side note, I realize not much use for this in Cantabile, but I figure most anyone using Cantabile also does full mixes in a traditional DAW, hence my post. :slight_smile: