Ivory II German Grand patch for Kontakt

Hello, I’m fairly new to the forums.

I’m wondering if anybody has the German Grand patch from Synthogy Ivory II in Kontakt format ? preferably one that hasn’t been compressed.

I’m wanting to load it on my Korg Kronos, and have spoken to someone who can convert Kontakt patches to the Pcg format. Alternatively, does any one have the Synthogy German Grand patch already in Pcg format for either Korg Oasys or Kronos keyboards ?

I would be happy to pay for the patch as it’s something I’m specifically looking for.

I’m pretty sure that converting patches of Synthogy Ivory to other formats and sharing them would be a violation of copyright and usage license, so not something that should be discussed here…

Just my 0.02 EUR…

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Hi Brendanh,

@Torsten is in my opinion completely right about this issue, but if there are legal things that you need help with for Cantabile, ask and someone might be able to help.