It's my license renewal time

Hi guys,
I’ve been away for a while so forgive me if this is a rehash. I searched as best I could without success.

I’m wondering if there’s a special license renewal rate again this year. I haven’t seen anything about one but I haven’t been around much. Been doing more studio engineering through the winter.
If there is, could someone share a link with me please? I’ll admit that C3 Pro is worth every penny of $199 but can’t blame me for trying. Last year was remarkable at $80.
Thanks in advance…


Hey Thom

I got in on the $80 rate a month or two ago. Don’t remember the cutoff date, but sad to say, you missed it. Don’t feel bad though, I missed it last year.


From the bottom of the purchase page:

About Purchasing

The purchase price includes one year of free updates from the original purchase date. After the first year you can continue receiving updates for $39/year (Solo) or $99/year (Performer). Read more about update subscriptions here. On time subscription renewal entitles you to a 20% discount. If you decide not to continue with updates, Cantabile will continue to run but you’ll miss out on any new features and fixes.

@brad the link to the “Earlybird pricing” page is broken.
So is the link to "Explaining cantabile’s subscription model

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The “Early Bird Discount” rate is available all the time - just renew before your subscription expires.

Broken links should be fixed.


@Brad just so you know, the link inside for “Explaining Cantabile Subscription Model” is also broken.