It's a Chroma - New Cherry offering

Only time I ever really got close up to one was when Peter-John Vetesse was demo’ing one at the Ally Pally (Alexendra Palace) in London circa 1980.
He was doing some pretty remarkable things -including playing stuff behind his back that I can’t play facing forwards.


They are forcing me to give my money to them….

Seriously, Cherry Audio are on a role

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I had a chance to play around with one back in the day when a friend was writing the manual for it. I can’t say that I lusted after it, but that may have been partly due to the price tag. Cherry’s price tag looks better :grinning:. My go to for analog emulation is Arturia, but I have filled in some gaps with Cherry’s Memorymoog, Polymoog, and Taurus. No complaints. I’ll have to try this one out.