Issues with multiboot-systems?

Hi community,

i have a really great cantabile setup - love it!!!

My intention has been to use my powerful cantabile pc only for live-audio performances until now.
I have two ssds, one for win 10 pro and one for data (vst, instruments…).

In the future i would like to utilize the pc for video editing and other demanding tasks.
Therefore, i would like to install a second win 10 pro instance on a separate third ssd-drive, which has to be sata, (multiboot) to keep the cantabile machine clean and running flawlessly.

Are there any known issues with dual- or multiboot-systems, especially with windows update…?

I searched the web for possibilities to keep both systems completely apart from each other.
These are:

  • Physically connect and disconnect the cables from the hard drives, which is not possible with my two nvme-ssds.
  • Activate and deactivate the harddrives in the bios (also not the smartest way)

Therefore, i follow the idea of a multiboot-system.

I am looking forward to hear your opinions.


I do exactly that, my friend - and for the same reason!

You run the Windows Installer on the other drive, and it automatically creates the dual-boot menu screen for you. Piece of cake! You can change the order, the default and timeout period using msconfig in the “boot” tab.

You will need to run Windows Update separately while logged into each instance. Watch the reboots as you need to select the correct one, of course. It doesn’t break anything if you miss the timer.

Ask me if you have any questions or concerns. I’ve been running this way for over a decade.



FWIW, I used to use dual boot for a similar use-case to what you describe (traditional DAW, video/photo). I went with just using separate Win 10 user accounts a couple years ago and it works fine for me. But I’m not a keyboardist, so I may not tax the system the same ways though I do routinely max out 24GB of memory loading samples…

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Thank you for your replies!

Ok, that sounds great.
I checked the win 10 nvme system drive and there are more than 800 gb left.

Maybe i could divide it into two partitions and install the second win 10 also on this harddrive.? :thinking:
I think not as safe as two harddrives, but maybe the same result.

Sorry if I dare to ask, why two windows installations? A well-tweaked music PC is perfect for video editing as well. Surely not for everyday use, but the configurations for video editing and audio production are the same. At least, this works for me. Am I wrong?

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Different software (editing, daw, etc.) which i want to update regularly.
At the moment my win10 updates and other programs are freezed in order to prevent the system from technical issues.
I am not an expert in the whole tweaking audio-pc-system-thing, but never change a running system.


I am not even sure whether Windows will install a separate instance into a partition on the same drive - it uses the root of the drive for boot info and “it will know” - if I recall correctly.