Issues with Forum Videos in Opera

This is a YUUUUGE enhancement, as the actress said to the bishop.
Excellent, and worth waiting for!
(wondering why your videos refuse to stream directly from my browsers. Can copy URL to VLC and it works. ???)

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Not sure off hand. Probably because I’m pasting a direct link to my public dropbox folder and dropbox isn’t serving up a video format your browser likes? What browser are you using?

Use Opera on Win 7 most of the time. In case of problems I always open Explorer which I figure should have fewer ‘quirks’.
I removed Chrome because it’s way too busy in the background.

I had the same issue in Explorer, but it worked fine for me when I opened this thread in Chrome.

  • Paul

All of these test formats playback within my browser:

same here - can’t view the videos in Opera, but in Chrone they seem to work

So I’ve had a closer look at this and I’m not really sure why, but it seems something about the way the forum software sets up the video frame and the way dropbox serves the video file don’t play nicely together in Opera.

The easiest workaround I’ve found is this:

  1. Right Click on the video and choose “Copy Video Address”
  2. Paste the address into a new Tab
  3. Change the dl=1 on the end to dl=0 and the way Dropbox presents it’s video frame works.

I’ll post something to the Discourse forum and see if I can get some better ideas.


I’ve asked the question here: