Issue with VB3 controller 1.1

Am using Cantabile lite. I have VB3 loaded and want to add VB3 Controller 1.1. Cantabile says that controller plugin is not compatible. Help

It’s a 32 bit plugin.
Do you have jBridge?
Didn’t known that plugin existed! Might try making something similar with bindings.

Hmmm. Cantabile 3 IS a VB3 contoller.

I didn’t know this existed either… the only reason you would need such a thing is for… well actually I don’t know why you would ever need it. Can’t VB3 learn alternate controller assignments all on its own? And anyway, as Corky says you can remap any controllers with C3 itself.

Edit- ah, can you not do that in Lite? Anyway, just use VB3’s MIDI learn function to use whatever controls you want.

Thanks for all the feedback. The VB3 controller (plugin) has some features that do not exist in VB3. The big one for me using 2- 61 note keyboards, is that you can have one keyboard control the inverted keys for both keyboards using the last octave on either keyboard. That cannot be done using 61 note keyboards in VB3. So no mapping helps.

I think VB3 Controller should have used a different name for the plugin. Lot’s of confusion with thinking is’s a controller of some sort. Thanks

Interesting… You could do that with C3 pretty easily I would think, if you went for the upgrade…

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From what you are saying here, this ancient program will not run in C3. So I am led to believe it is 32 bit, and should be jBridged, but, like GSI’s Key Performer, it will not “jbridge” properly, therefore, if I want to run the ancient Key Performer, I have to run it in Cantabile 3 X86. You will have better luck running it on the X86 version of C3. But like Fred said, this could be done in upgraded version of C3. I remember this program from several years ago and had trouble running it in most DAW’s. My upper keyboard is usually a 49 key, and I have no problem setting up the inverted key switches. Good luck on your endeavor and hopefully you will get it running. Perhaps one day you will discover the amazing power of C3 and, as I did, say “why did I waste all my time on this”.
Tonight, I will be performing with VB3 on C3 and keyswitching, and drawbarring, and making changes on the fly like a “muh”, and smiling my ass off…cause I can. :sunglasses: