Issue with MIDI learn mode

Okay, so a control pedal connected to the midi keyboard (sending CC7) controls sound levels for parts, and in the main view the green lights flash and the racks volume is controlled fine.

But when I go to the midi in filter dialogue to filter CC7 from some parts, the “Learn” function does not “see” it…weird as it (the pedal) works on the parts.

Any ideas?


EDIT: This might be a bug as I tried another controller and the same issue. MIDI learn worked previously, but in build 3133 it does not seem to work any more.

Hi Dennis.

Not all fields in MIDI filters support learn (I should probably disabled the learn check box in those cases, but well…)

Anyway… which field are you referring to, in which kind of MIDI filter. Also where are you applying the MIDI filter (route, environment port, plugin etc…)


Hey Brad…

It is a midi volume/expression pedal connected to the keyboard and I am trying to use it on a per plugin basis…I can see midi data lights flashing when it is being used, and it actually works at controlling the volume, and I can set it all manually, so no biggie, but I just wondered why it would not “learn” is all. As you say, midi learn is not available for everything, so that’s okay too :smile:

Still actual… (build 3238)
Learn mode doesn’t work at least in “Suppress Events” filter.
Might be useful feature :slight_smile:

kind regards.

Hi @Alexander

Just to clarify - is it just the controller numbers you’d like to be able to learn here, or all the different event types?


Maybe related:
Today I experienced Midi Learn to not work eventually for/when:

  • in Song Routing setting Keyzone in Control Column
  • LEARN already pre-checked
  • only setting focus to Lowest Key
  • -> press key on the right Keyboard -> no success
    unchecking LEARN and checking again -> working as expected.

Hi Jeff,

Interesting - not seen that before. Did you do anything else in between bringing up the MIDI Route Settings window like start/stop the audio engine, select a different route, delete routes/plugins etc…

I’ll do some testing on this today, but any tips on how to reproduce it would be great.


Hi Brad,
I’ll have some testing tomorrow to reproduce it.
It’s not a big issue, most of the time it worked.

To be honest, I was in hurry to get my setup done, so I just kind of ignored it today…

I could just reproduce it, but it’s my own fault…:
On a route that has not yet a Target/Destination I open the Control/Edit Midi route Dialog.

  • check LEARN, focus on Lowest Note, play note -> can’t/wont work
  • then I set Target/Destination with Dialog kept open, focus on Lowest Note (Learn still checked) -> doesn’t work.
  • then uncheck and check LEARN, focus on Lowest Note -> tataaaa!
    So checking learn re-checks the connection (and sets the listener?), while a simple set focus doesn’t.
    If this is the only situation, it’s my own fault. No Bug I’d say.


Hi @Jeff_Frohner

OK, just tried this here and got the same result except I didn’t need to uncheck/check for it to work. As soon as I set the destination of the route, learn worked.

I guess it’d be nice if the learn feature worked without the destination set but that’s a little tricky to implement because the route is effectively shutdown until properly configured.



All controllers would be absolutely great!
Thanks a lot!

kind regards