Issue with media player, No sound

Hey I’m experiencing a problem with the media player no sound yet when I when I set up a binding to play the file within Cantabile 3 plays fine. I had the problem with a m-audio interface the midi in didn’t work most of the time but external media player worked fine. since I replaced that interface and removed all drivers assosiated with it, Still no sound from external players.

Hi @Mobetter

Not sure I’m fully understanding this. Do you mean if you have Cantabile running you can’t play media files in another media player? If so, this is probably because the audio driver you’re using in Cantabile is taking exclusive control of the audio device and locking out other programs.

One work around for this is to use a WASAPI driver in shared mode. Go to Cantabile -> Options -> Audio Engine, choose the WASAPI driver for your output sound card and set the sample rate to “Shared Mode”.


Thanks, thats resolved. Does this mean the asio driver is still active?

Hi @Mobetter,

No in this case Cantabile will be using the native Windows WASAPI drivers and ASIO won’t be used.