Issue with JamStix VST, Midi output event duplicate

Hi everyone,
I take advantage of your kindness to ask you a question.

Premise: I’m looking for a kind of “drum machine” that allows me to accompany myself live and that supports sections of songs.
In this way, combining with the loopstation, I can have a drum accompaniment and change song parts through midi events.
After a bit of research, I found JamStix interesting. It’s a project developed since 2005 and it does even more than I need. I use it only for the midi player part and the output is redirected to MonsterDrum3 (another free plugin that I recommend MONSTER Drum, The Best Free Drum VST Plugin with Multi Kit Genre - AgusHardiman.TV -multi-kit-genre/) that simply plays a Cajon.

Problem: JamStix has been down for a few years. The free version was released in 2019 and it gives me some problems. It happens that at the beginning of the song part, duplicate midi events are sent at a small distance, with the consequence that a “double hit” is heard.

Analyzing the midi monitor out, I see that two NoteOns and a NoteOff are sent shortly after.
Is there a filter available that can solve this problem? Like for example, suppress sequential noteon if there is no noteoff?
Or a Retrigger Suppressor to avoid having notes too close together?

I had found a midi blocker of x42, but they are in LV2 format…

Thanks a lot!

I found PizMidi Utility… I’m checking the midiDuplicateBlocker…

Edit. I did some tests, but It doesn’t work for me…

I had no luck, I couldn’t remove the overlapping notes.
Basically I get two consecutive NoteOns and one NoteOff. I would like the second NoteOn to be filtered out as it is still in hold, thus avoiding the possibility of having two consecutive NoteOns without there having been a NoteOff first. Does a filter of this type exist natively in Cantabile? x42’s Lv2 filter seems to do exactly that, Remove overlapping notes.

Thanks in advice

Hi Claudio,

I use Jamstix for practicing left hand Hammond bass lines, but only using Jamstix provided samples. I used to trigger Superior Drummer but during a sale I got the Jamstix Bonzo Pak which sounds good enough for what I’m doing. I don’t remember having the double note on issue.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Unfortunately JamStix is no longer developed and there are several bugs and features that could be improved for live use.
I keep looking for a filter to avoid overlapping.