Issue with Cantabile 2 routing

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Hi. I am trying to connect input channel 5 to output channel 5 in cantabile but I get a bad, distorted sound. I have used it sucessfully routing channel 1 and 2 before. The way I am doing is is using a rack and inserting am EQ plugin that does nothing only for using audio config and telling it to get input 5 to vst input left and output vst to audio channel 5 out.

Further investigating showed that I must go real low in volume to meke it work. That does not make any sense. It is like headroom is shared somehow and each rack eats a little


Have been trying to solve it. But no results.

I can’t really help as I have not used Cantabile 2 for years, but thought it worth mentioning that I used to have a distortion on channel 4 on my four channel sound module, that Brad and I never got to the bottom of. It was only on one song as well, which was bizarre. I solved it by creating a mono only version of the channel and ran that from a different, synced media player into Chanel 4.

So maybe it is a very obscure bug. If you try again with a different song, do you get the same result.

I’ve never seen the problem in C3, so the really dumb question is why not upgrade? It is quite a culture shift moving to C3, but it is a far better and more robust version with far more power and flexibility. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Derek.

There is something about the interface that I like in C2.

Also, minimize to tray and right click options in the same icon is awesome.

There must me a way. C3 is way easier tho. But it removed needed ones