Issue with Arturia Mini V3 when switching rack states in Cantabile

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I’ve been having strange issues with Arturia Mini V3 (latest version v3.4.1.2810) In Cantabile (v3590). I was wondering of anyone else is experiencing similar problems.

I’m currently using 2 instances of Mini V3 in a Cantabile linked rack (along with some FX), with 8 states in total (which are used throughout different songs in my setlist). The state behavior is only enabled for Run/Bypass mode, selected program (so not for entire bank), gain level and wet/dry mix. Preloading of plugins is enabled. In these linked rack states I toggle between Mini V3 presets using Cantabiles Pseudo Presets.

Now the issues occur when I toggle through a setlist with frequent changes in the State of the linked rack. Somehow the memory usage (~3gig at start) starts bloating (12Gb+) and the state changes in the song start going slower and slower upto a point where it takes minutes to switch to the next state.

Now if at this point I would save the current preset in Mini V3; this results in a preset file of 700MB (rather than ~17kb). Upon inspection of the preset file with a hex editor, I noticed that the Tags assigned to the internal Mini V presets (i.e. to descibe the sound and search/filter the library) are repeated thousands of times (hence the file size). I’m not sure if this has to do with how Cantabile manages the virtual presets (which is perhaps not fully compatible with how the Arturia plugins work), or whether this is a memory leak in Mini V3. As the latter seems more likely, I’ve also taken up this issue with Arturia. They’ve been fixing several bugs in their preset management lately…

I was wondering how you guys are handling Mini V presets and whether any of you are experiencing similar issues. Any suggestions on a workaround that could help avoid this ?