Issue (or human error) with Arturia Analog Lab V and rack states

I have been using cantabile for a long time, lots of racks, states etc. Lately I am having an issue with Analog Lab V. I create a rack, I create multiple states, however the preset inside the Arturia plugin does not change and remains for all states the last one I loaded. Anyone having similar issues?
Is it an Arturia issue? I don’t seem to have the issue with other plugins
Or can someone point out what I might be doing wrong here?
Any suggestion appreciated.

Just some more info… it is not consistent. Most of the times, if I restart cantabile or the computer, switching happens just fine.
Not sure where to look or try.
It seems like I edit the rack by creating a new state and something happens. I quit and restart cantabile and then it works (or at least it did the couple of times that I tried)

Hi Marco,

the behavior you see could be just correct. On my system, I have to save the preset in a Cantabile program in order for it to be remembered when I change state. So I use one Cantabile program for each Arturia preset and they change with state (provided you have checked the box “Selected Programs” in the “State Behavior” box.

If you want the Arturia preset to be remembered but you do not want to associate it with a Cantabile program, you have to check “Entire Bank” in “State behavior”. At least, that’s how it works on my system.

I hope this helps.