Is This a Small Glitch in Cantabile?

Hi @brad
Media player adjustment dials are out of alignment for media player 10 in my picture.

Is this a small glitch in Cantabile?
I know it’s trivial but it stops Cantibile approaching perfection.

Hrm. I just tried this here and couldn’t reproduce it and looking at the code I can’t see how this could happen.

A couple of questions:

  1. if you resize the column with these knobs, do the knobs spread out even further as you drag to the right?

  2. If click on the knobs - do you have to click where they should be, or where they are? eg: does clicking on that far right knob as displayed, work?


Just to chime in, i’ve seen the same thing – might be since the beginning of Cantabile 4 (and maybe before that). (Though i have a vague memory of this problem being fixed at one time in the past ?)

Nope, no effect.

Knobs are accessed (and show flyover tool tips) in the position where they are displayed.

– Jimbo

P.S. I’ll try to look at this on a couple different computers when i get a chance and check back then.

ok interesting, but raises more questions:

  • Any pattern to when this happens?
  • Is it always on the same media players?
  • Does it go away on restarting Cantabile?
  • What about switching songs and back, does that rectify it?
  • Does scrolling the view up/down have any effect?
  • Is it only when multiple media players?

I’m thinking I’ll probably have to reproduce this to fix it so any other clues will be useful.

Ok, here’s some weird behaviour that sort of addresses those questions.

  • Consistently happening on songs with more than one media player – one (and only one) media player exhibits the behaviour.

  • Scrolling has no effect.

  • Consistently appears on the same songs even after switching to different songs and back (but more weirdness follows) :

  • One song with one media player (let’s call it Birthday) exhibits the behaviour, another song with one media player (let’s call it Crazy) is normal.

  • Open a different setlist and select Birthday -> now it’s normal and Crazy is the one exhibiting the anomaly (i told you it was weird behaviour !)

  • Restarting Cantabile -> the problem goes away, and now i can’t reproduce it. (Have fun with that !)

Computer is running Windows 7, ATI Radeon HD 4350 Video card, video scaling 100% (in Windows and in Cantabile).

– Jimbo

Unfortunately, no matter what I do I cannot reproduce this problem again.

The rack containing the ten media players in used in six songs and none of them exhibits the behaviour.

If it occurs again I’ll post a message.

Thanks @Baz.

I spent an hour or so trying all sorts of combinations of media players, racks, plugins, adding, deleting, copy/pasting, scrolling - basically everything I could think of and couldn’t get it to happen.

Also I can’t see in the code how it could happen so I’m a little stumped.

If anyone ever figures out a reliable way to reproduce this, please let me know.



Thank you for going above and beyond in trying to trace down such a minor problem (i initially responded just because i had a Cantabile session up on my other screen while reading the original post, and happened to notice the same thing that @Baz reported).

– Jimbo

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It’s still happening but I cannot reproduce it at will.

In another of my racks the buttons on a plugin are smaller than the ones for a media player ?? Very strange.

It looks very difficult to pin down.

Ah! I think I’m hot on the trail of this one…

OK, I think I found the cause of this but wasn’t able to actually reproduce it.

Here’s a build with the fix if you’d like to try it and let me know:

(this is labelled as 4152 but will be replaced when 4152 is officially released).

Hi @brad

None of my racks with media players shows the problem now with version 4152.

Looks like it’s solved.

Many thanks for pursuing and solving this glitch.


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Great… thanks for letting me know.

Hey @brad,

I tried this version and got an error after loading IK Pianoverse. I reverted to 4151, now everything is fine.
A bug report has been sent (12-07-2023 ~11PM UTC+1).
My bad, I have seen that this is not an official version, it is just to let you know this issue (if it is).

Hi @brad

With the version 4152 you made available, I was getting crashes everytime I double clicked on a rack to edit. The crash files have been sent in the usual way.

The log file shows a “System.NullReferenceException:” which I’ve never seen before and involves the GuiKit - a clue…

Like @cpaolo I’ve reverted to version 4151 and I can now edit my racks.

What’s that saying about “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.


Thanks guys, I’ll get it fixed.


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OK, I’ve put up experimental build 4152 with another attempt at this. It will either:

  1. Be fixed, or
  2. Be broken again and showing spaced out knobs.


PS: Someone should start a band called “The Spaced Out Knobs” :slight_smile:



If (Fixed) Then
Retire to

Finger trouble above…


If (fixed) Then
Retire to the Seychelles
Join a band called “The Spaced Out Knobs”

At the moment it looks like it’s fixed…


(Build 4153) Seeing spaced-out knobs now on plugins (might have been the case earlier that it wasn’t just Media Players).

@Brad, this is the sort of thing that may keep popping up for the rest of your life (-;

Ugh. I tweaked the fix for this in 4153 because I wasn’t happy with the original fix. Man I wish I could reliably reproduce this so I could test it myself.

[start ramble]
fwiw: I think this is related to launching Cantabile with the show notes or bindings panel active instead of the routing panel. I also know it’s related to the knob control having an attached theme or not… but can’t figure out how it gets on screen without a theme attached at measurement time.
[end ramble]

I’ll take another look at it.