Is there some way to create a single MAIN OUT rack?

One that all songs will automatically be output through? I want to run a compressor over the main output to the FOH speakers, but I don’t want to really have to insert a compressor into every song, rather one that serves for every song with a single control (from Nanokontrol) to give minor dynamic variations (when needded) at a gig.

I was thinking maybe put it in the background rack, but I can’t get that to work…is there a way to accomplish this, or is it needed to be done on each individual song?


hahaha, I guess not. 16 views of the thread and no suggestions would indicate it’s not possible, so there is a sorta kinda answer at least :wink:

I think most of us just have an “Output rack” that we put in every song, and route plugin/rack audio outputs into it.

I have some global output compression on my output, along with final gain controls for the four stereo outputs I send to Front Of House, and some level metering plugins that give me good visibility on my output levels.

I actually have a “template” song I use when creating new songs, which includes my output rack, and some special formatting in song notes that I use as a starting point. So I don’t really even need to remember to add the rack.


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Thanks Neil, so does this mean that this “rack” MUST be manually added to each song, or is there some way to just add it to the, say, backgorund rack, so it is available for all songs immediately?

PS: I do have a DbX Go-Rack so I could just use it pre-FOH speakers I guess, but having it on C3 with a dedicated control from the nano would give me easier “live” manipulation.

I think it must be manually added - the reason is you need somewhere to route the outputs of the things in your song, and the only ones Cantabile provides are the ones going straight out to your audio interface.

Although on second thoughts, you could potentially route your song’s plugins/rack to loopback ports, which then appear as inputs in the background rack. But I haven’t tried this…

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Cool, thanks m8…at least I won’t waste any more time trying to figure how to do it hahaha!

btw, do you know of any key combination that will change all items in a songs outputs at once? For example in Sonar if you hold ctrl and then choose an option in the left tracks pane, it changes all other tracks (for the same item) at once…

I think you’d probably need to set that up yourself, with a binding going to your output rack.

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thanks Neil…I’ll look into those options :slight_smile:

For most of us I don’t think adding an output rack in is a huge hassle. Now, if you have 500 songs and a gig where you might have to play any of them- that could be a hassle :open_mouth: That’s when it would be nice to be able to just add something in front of the existing master output and not have to modify at the song level. That, or Cantabile needs a batch edit mode or something…

Yep, exactly what I do. I have a prepared setlist, however I also put out “song menus” on tables so folks can call a tune. In my case there are 650+ songs on the list!

I like the sound of this idea - puts those loopback pathways to work!

Nowadays, you need to set a preference to make those visible in the list, btw.


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Yes, it would work, but you couldn’t put a “master rack” within your background rack - because environment ports can’t be made visible in sub-racks, so you’d have to have all the master processing at the top level of the background rack.

Plus, you’d still need to touch every single song in order to route all your outputs to the respective loopback port that then gets used by your background rack. Pretty much the same effort, unless you resort to some batch editing at the song file level with a text editor.

So for the moment, I’ll stick with my master rack within the song.




Me too! I have two different master-racks. One of them is in every song (non linked rack). Another one is in the backgroundrack. So all my racks of a song are routed into the song-master-rack. That allows me to adjust the overall volume of the song, add master effects, etc.
The signal than is routed into the background-rack, where the other master-rack sits. This contains some global settings and routings. This allows me to work very flexible.
While writing this I realized that I could add this “master master-rack” into every song as linked rack too… would have the same effect and I don’t need to use the loopback ports… :wink:


Now can somebody draw this out for me, I’m loosing oversight :stuck_out_tongue:
Guess I’ll need to do it this way also.
Just looking out what plugins i would use, i got some info from Thorstens topic a while ago.
I’ll stick with free plugins but thinking of this:

  • a compressor, or limiter.
  • an eq
  • extra fx, reverb?
    In this order?

What are you guys plugins in what order?