Is there any way to sync Cantabile 2 to another computer? MTC/SMPTE?

Is there a way to get Cantabile to sync to some type of sync track that I record on an audio track? I can sync 2 computers running Sonar with SMPTE, or even MTC. But I’m wondering if I can do that with Cantabile 2 (yes, I’m still on the old version!) So I’d need to somehow generate the timecode out of Cantabile (while playing backing tracks on Cantabile, for instance) and record it to an audio track. Then on playback of that track C2 needs to read the timecode . I have a SMPTE generator so I can make an audio track of that and just play it as a media audio file in C2. But getting C2 to read it is the problem. I’ve read through the manual several times, and don’t see any way to get C2 to recognize SMPTE or MTC.

If C2 doesn’t do it, does C3 have that capability? Thanks!

I stand corrected… a little. Apparently the manual does have a bit about Midi Clock… but I’m not sure if that will have the precision to stay in sync for several minutes or not… or if it will enable Cantabile to truly chase the Master computer that’s playing the clock track, so it jumps to wherever the Master is. Guess I’ll have to play with it, but if anyone has done this I’d appreciate any info. Thanks!

Any news about this topic?
I’m interested because i’d like to send the timecode signal to the lights console in order to syncronize the lights with the music.

Thank you!!

I looked further and only Cantabile Performer (C2) has sync options for Midi Clock. And I need to sync to an audio track like SMPTE anyway, so this won’t work for me. For light control you should be able to use a midi track… and I’m pretty sure there are software and hardware converters to convert the midi track to your board’s protocol. There’s a whole topic here on using midi for light control… apparently it’s pretty intense but worth it…best of luck!

A lot of folks here do lighting with Cantabile. I think the preferred way is with the Media Player sending out MIDI commands to the light system. Search through the forum, “seek and ye shall find”:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: