Is there any way to route audio from an embedded rack to the background rack?

I have some pads in the background rack that I want to put sidechain compression on but want to feed sources outside of the bg rack into it.

Hi Roy and Welcome!

To route audio to the background rack you can use “loopback” ports. To make one go to the Audio ports in options and create a new stereo or mono input and name it. Leave it "unassigned on the channels.


Next make sure the Show Loopback and Environment Audio and MIDI ports switches are set in options

At song level route what want to go to the background rack to the Loopback port you made


In the background rack you create a route to your FX and route it out to the main speakers

Hope this was what you needed … :smiley:




Wow! Thank you so much! I spent an hour trying to figure out how to do it - seemed like there would be a way to do it. :+1:t3:

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You can do these things? [facepalm]

Thank you…

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