Is there any way of changing this behaviour:

Create a song with several states. Save it with the, say, the second state selected. Quit, and load it, and the song loads with the second state still selected. Nice!

But, add it to a set list, and it always loads with the first state selected no matter which was selected when it was saved.

Is there a way of configuring the set list so that it loads songs with the selected state when I saved the song?

the TLDR bit: I’ve been using C3 since launch (and love it) and I’ve spent that last few days tidying up all my songs. I’ve created a master song template with several linked ranks for all my instruments. Eg Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Synth, Sampler etc. Each set to a different state. (and these are bound to controls on my keyboard) I’ll then use this template for each new song, and save it with the requried instrument (or state) selected. But, when I add it to a set list, it always loads with the Piano. Doh! (I don’t want to change the order of the states - I want to know that everything is where I left it!!)

This is actually by design (I recall the discussions when setlists were introduced way back when…). When going through a setlist, songs are always loaded with state 1 - this was designed to make things more predictable and avoid any nastiness from editing sessions or automatic saving, so you can save your song in any state and still be sure that it will start in its first state in a gig.

I guess @brad could create an option to always open a song as it was saved, but not sure how broad the demand for this feature would be. It could certainly mess up things for some of us and make them more unpredictable.

For me, it would introduce an unnecessary worry every time I edit a song: did I now go back to state 1 when saving? Too much that can go wrong here! When I edit a song in state 12 and save it, I still want it to open at state 1 in the next gig.

So maybe you could also find something positive in the way Cantabile is set up and maybe find a way to work with it?



Well. The workaround is quite easy. Why don’t you set up a binding in the song that selects another state on song load?

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Yep, good call Christian that would work song to song


I’m reluctant to make any changes to support this for the reasons cited by @Torsten. Also, it implies the song would need to be saved everytime you shutdown.

When songs are used in a set list, they’re really intended to be used like songs - where states represent parts and they start on the first part.

One possible work around - put the content of that song into a rack and host it in a song - then you can switch states on the rack independantly of what the song does when loaded.


Ooh yes: I’ll definitely try this. Good call! Hopefully I won’t need to stamp my feet and sulk!! :wink: