Is there a way to toggle a binary VST automation parameter?

Hello fellow Cantabilers,

I am having a hard time setting up my FCB1010 to toggle VST automation parameters.

For some background: in Cantabile, you can specify a VST automation parameter as the target of a binding. Many automation parameters are binary (on/off). For example, bx_greenscreamer has an automation parameter called “Bypass.”

What I am trying to do is setup my FCB1010 pedal board to toggle this parameter (and others like it), but there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this. To be clear, by “toggle” I mean “set the parameter to the opposite value it is now.” If I set the binding event to Controller (Button) or Controller (No Edge Button), I can specify a series of values that are sent one at a time with each button press. Setting this field to (1.0, 0.0) gets close, but it doesn’t take into account the current value of the parameter. It just sets it to 1 on 1st press, 0 on 2nd press, 1 on 3rd press, etc. It can easily get out of sync with the actual parameter value due to song or state changes.

Am I missing something? If not, it would be great if Cantabile offered a way to toggle binary automation parameters as targets of bindings. It seems to recognize these parameters as binary because if you open up the plugin parameter list, it shows bypass as having only two possible values - Off or On.

Off the top of my head until the experts arrive, I’d say set up an FCB1010 rack that is persistent across songs and states (by unchecking its state features, for instance). Then it will remember what state the button is in without a song or state change changing it.

Likewise with some of those plugins - make them persist across songs and states, bringing them in and out only by turning on and off their routing.

Also, you can put that FCB1010 into a background rack driven by bindings and it will never get confused about the status of a button.

Anyway - just putting that out there in case it gives you some ideas.


Thanks for the suggestions, Terry. Those are good ideas, except that I do want state and song changes to be able to modify these parameters. For example, one song may default to overdrive being on, while another may default to it being off. I would like to be able to have a pedal assigned to toggle it for those times when I decide to play something a little differently.