Is there a way to startup C3 in live mode?

Either by command line option, or saved setting somewhere?

It would mean one less click to do on startup and window to rearrange!

Nothing built in but it’s a good idea. Logged it.

In the meantime, only suggestion is something like AutoHotKeys to launch the app and send a keystroke.

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Another option is to add a Song “On Load” binding to View-Live Mode-On, in the first song of your setlist, so it switches to live mode when the first song is loaded.

It would actually be nice to have a Setlist “On Load” binding source for this kind of thing, for use in the background rack, which could also be used to send out initial configuration to keyboards etc. (for example I switch my Kurzweil PC3x into Setup mode at the start of every gig - would be luxurious to automate that!).



It never occurred to me there was an on-load Live Mode on/off binding… I can use that, I use live mode for all but two songs where I need it off and I’ve been doing it manually. I should have realized I could automate that in the set.

Brad, thanks.
Neil, I hadn’t thought about using a binding - sounds like it will work - Thanks.

+1 for Setlist on-load binding.

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