Is there a way to know which plugins or plugin states are used in which songs?

I’m in two bands and have a ton of songs, and I run guitar, midi guitar, and a wind instrument all through C3. As a result I have about 7 racks I use repeatedly, and maybe 15 or 20 plugins with all of their associated states as well… A ton of plug-in states.

Sometimes I run into a situation where I find I want to modify a plug-in state. To be safe, and ensure I’m not ruining a state that’s used in another song, I just create another state. Which of course means some of my main plugins have over a hundred states, and it’s pretty hard to sort through them all. But I’m wondering if there’s a way to check to see what other songs use that same plug-in state? I’ve looked at the monitoring but haven’t found anything along those lines. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

Many of the Cantabile files are searchable:

I use a program called Advanced Find and Replace (AFR) I’ve had it since the early 60’s (well not quite that long but I think I bought it in the 90’s).

Hey Tom,

Cantabile can tell you which plugins are used in songs and racks, and which racks are used in songs:

You find this in the setlist commands - “Verify”

Unfortunately, it can’t tell you which plugin or rack STATES are used in songs.

What you could do for rack states is use a multi-file text search in your song files like @dsteinschneider outlined above - you’d have to search for something like:

"rackState": "SawStrings quiet",

For rack states, this is doable, since Cantabile stores the rack states as text strings, so unless you have the same state name in multiple racks, you could identify the songs that contain a certain rack state.

Doing that for individual plugin presets is more difficult: Cantabile only stores the number of the selected slot, so you’d have to really dig into the JSON structure of the song files to first find the correct plugin, and then find the line:

"selectedProgram": 0,

with the correct program number within that specific plugin’s information section.

Simply searching for one string will not help you - this would require building a program or script to traverse your song files and gather the information. So not something that’s very easy to do, unfortunately…



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Thanks for the replies, very helpful! Luckily, the vast majority are rack states since all my main racks, except a couple EFX racks, are just one plug, for example TH-U. I do save presets within the plug on TH-U, S Gear and the like, just as a secondary method of sorting through tones and as a “safety”, but I believe my rack state behaviour saves Entire Bank and all the other important attributes as well, so the plug presets are somewhat redundant.

Anyway, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!