Is there a way to change the Dark.theme file in the config folder?

I would like to add my own colors?

Have you seen this Cantabile Guide on customising themes?

I use a customised theme, and it works really well. The only thing to be aware of is that occasionally new Cantabile builds incorporate new graphical elements, which require an update to the theme file. In those situation you need to manually merge your theme modifications into the new theme file that gets installed.

@brad, how about allowing Cantabile to read an optional theme override file that can override elements in the main theme file, but is left entirely for user modification? This would mean we wouldn’t need to manually merge changes whenever new Cantabile UI elements are added, which would be great. It would also make it easier for users to share their theme customisations. Perhaps Cantabile could look for a *.themeOverride file (or similar extension) to match the selected theme, and load it if present.



Nope I didn’t thx :slight_smile: I’m only digging into Cantabile for 2 days now and have been tweaking and reading allot.
Thx !

(not that this is so important but I’m a graphic man)

In the manual: the assets for the theme link…
Gives this error

A README file tells people where to start and how to contribute.

So did anyone make their own theme?
Are there any screenshots?

A guide with the theme part names would be great.

There is some discussion and an example made by Neil over here: