Is there a panic Funktion

Well, I use the NI B4 Organ Plugin, if I slide upwards over the Keys ( well, it is not so effektive like a orginal hammond) the last Tone hangs. I can only stop it by changing the Song, what‘s Not so funny in a live scene. I can remember to have a Panic Button in my older Keyboards (all notes off). Is there a function inside Cantabile to assign it over a binding to a control?

Stuck note

The exclamation triangle, by the on/off button, is the all notes off button. I assign it to one of my keyboard pads, just in case. :wink:
Just right click the triangle and assign it.


From a discussion thread years ago, it was determined the stuck note is related to certain keyboards, when performing a glissando. A Roland I have is notorious for stuck notes, whereas my E-MU rarely sticks.

Yep, I had an M-Audio Axiom that was hardware based trouble. There’s a tool Brad put on to determine if the held (stuck) note is outside Cantabile or in Cantabile.



You might want to check out @cdv_gabriel ‘s script in this topic.
Roland style All Note Off


I prefer to completely cycle the audio engine off/on instead of sending all-notes-off. This tends to be more robust in resetting plugins that have gotten out of whack…

There is also a binding for this, so you can assign this to a controller - I have a big friendly (don’t) panic button to trigger this.

Isn’t it a bit extreme to fix stuck notes?

By the time you’re hitting a panic button, it’s safe to say you’re not the only one noticing stuck notes. :grin:

once I need to hit the Panic button, I want to reeeeally be sure that everything that’s stuck gets unstuck. Cycling the engine takes care of that - takes less than half a second…

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Okay :+1:, thanks for your tips!! It Sems, that all Problems are solved after the driverupdate on for my Oxygen 61.