Is there a hotkey or command to bypass a plug-in?


Sorry if this had been asked or was plainly described in the manual, I looked and read as much as possible before asking… Is there any hotkey or command to bypass a plugin? I would like to somehow toggle the last plugin before going to output.
Thanks in advance and if you need any othe info just let me know!


Hi Kyle,

Try this … :slight_smile:




Whoops, I may have miscommunicated. I meant a short cut (or maybe trigger) . I currently use a HID device for other audio functions in my setup, was hoping I could map a button to bypass.
For now, I’m looking into programs like AutoHotKey.
Thanks for the reply!


No Problem Kyle, sorry I misunderstood. This binding is an example of what I think you are you are wanting to do. Just use your controller for the source and route it to the plugin you want to bypass. The first binding uses a MIDI keyboard input and the second uses the PC keyboard (HID) as an input source to trigger the toggle on the bypass.

What HID are you using?



Sorry for late response.
This looks like exactly what I’m looking for! I’ll give it a try today when I have a chance!
The HID I’m currently using is a gaming controller. If you have any other pointers, I’m all ears.
Thanks for the reply


Ahhh, I need to have solo or performer for bindings, huh?
Sad face


Yes, that’s how it is, I’m sorry too.