Is it possible to trigger midi functions on a plugin that doesn't appear to native midi?

I’ve used the C3 settings function that appears in the upper left of each plugin to make adjustments quickly, but I can’t seem to control any of those functions via midi. Most of my plugs have native midi functions within the plug’s editor so that’s usually not an issue. But this plugin, and a few others I have, don’t have the specific midi functions I want in their midi menus.
Is there a way to enable midi control from the Settings box? On the left side it looks like there’s a C3 green midi indicator light, but I can’t seem to get midi to it. All my midi routing is correct and i’m getting midi indicators on the plugin slot in the rack, but no midi indcator in the settings box, for any CC or channel I try.

I was initially trying to change leslie speed on HaNon B70, but the midi implementation chart doesn’t have any listing for that, only on/off. So then I tried this mda Leslie, but same problem… can’t seem to get midi to it.
Any ideas appreciated…thanks!

You ought to be able to reach these settings using bindings.

I’m not at the laptop right now, let me know if you need screenshots, and I can get to them later.


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Echoing what @TorstenH wrote: you can control any parameter exposed by the plugin via bindings - create a binding using the MIDI command you want to use as its source and the plugin you want to control as its destination. E.g. to control the Leslie speed via CC1, you would use this:

Be sure to read the “Bindings” chapter in @brad’s guides - it’s a bit cryptic for the non-initiated, but once you get it, you’ll see how powerful this feature is…




BTW: the guides are very focused on creating bindings by “learning” - I tend to create them from scratch directly in the bindings page by adding a new binding, then choosing the source and the destination from the menu and then customizing. To me this is the more efficient approach for most of my purposes.

YMMV, though…

Thanks! Funny, I’ve been using bindings for several years but this one just wasn’t working. After looking at the rack you attached, I realized I was trying to use the manual’s implementation chart and controller numbers, and didn’t notice that all those other parameters are far down, under the usual options of Play/Suspend etc. Thanks Torsten(s)!