Is it possible to start a backing track and the metronome at the same time?


Hi folks !
I want to start an audio backing track (thanks to media player) in live mode and have the metronome started at the same time.
When I select the media player in the master transport the metronome setting is changing to the default value (120bpm).
Any help will be appreciated ?



Additional info: I have C3 performer !



Hi Troman,

I just leave the transport set to Metronome and create bindings to run the media player(s)



Hi Dave,
thanks for your answer.
But that means that this "global metronome is taking over the “song metronome” ?
Why it is not possible to have the “song metronome” by default ?
This will make more sense for me.
May be I miss something ?

Thanks anyway.


Hi troman,

I think I must have misunderstood what you wanted to do. Are you using the MIDI file and it’s tempo settings to be the song metronome tempo? On my system the metronome does sync to the MIDI file tempo when the MIDI file is the Master. But even though the readout window displays it correctly the control slider for the tempo and it’s value remain at the last value they were. (in most cases the default 120bpm)

is this the same as your system?


Hi Dave !
No my backing track is an audio file started by media player 1. The song metronome is set to 84bpm.
This audio file is recorded at 84 bpm and I want to start the metronome to have the metronome light flashing during the media player duration.
When I start the media player there is only the “global metronome” set by default to 120bpm.
I agree that your previous post describe a trick to workaround this problem but I am quite surprised that this problem does not cause more discussion on the forum.
Except if I am missing a big point about this “global metronome” ?

Thanks a lot for your help.



Hi Troman,

if I remember well, inserting “84bpm” in the name of the audio file, the master metronome sets the tempo automatically at 84bpm, also when you start the transporte.



@fabryb72 Really brilliant ! That’s exactly what I needed ! So I don’t understand what is the use of the song metronome ? May be only for midi files from mediaplayers ?
Let’s the gurus to answer that !

Thanks everyone for your help !