Is it possible to load a rack with no state?


Is it possible to load a rack with no state ?


Hi lamy,

By the nature of the C3 software design there is at least One state in every rack whether it is an embedded type or a linked type. That first state can optionally be named. The same applies to Song States.



Ok thank you, then

I want my song load a rack with the previous loaded states.
Is it possible ?

In fact i have 2 physicals keyboards.
1 rack for the below keyboard.
1 rack for up keyboard.
When i call a song I want to change the below keyboard sound without change the up keyboard sound.


Select the “Add Existing Linked Rack” option when adding an object to the song and choose you rack you want. This is possible using “Linked Rack” type you would have saved earlier on. The 2 kinds of Racks have what are called ‘State Behaviors’ that affect the way they act from Song to Song. When you click on a rack or plugin you can set these variables. They are located on the bottom of the States pane on the left side and if you don’t see them you might need to go to the View menu and do as shown below.


If the selected program box is checked for the rack it will save the current settings and recall them the next time the song is used and allow you to make them different for every song. If it is not checked the settings will stay the same for every song.

Embedded racks at song level are saved with the song. The Embedded racks if inside of linked racks (nested rack) have their own state behaviors that are set inside of the rack when it is edited. So as you see there is much to consider regarding racks and how they work. The user guides on the main website have more details, but that is the outline of it.




Ok thank you,
of course i see, i understand, i do the test but it doesn’t work.
i have 2 songs and one link rack with 2 states. I uncheck the “selected rack state” box.
When i change the song the state change… ?


No change when set that way the rack state will stay the same as it was in the first song…

With it checked you can set it to one state for one song, save the song and a different one for the next song and save the song and then there can be a different rack state for each song load.


I fact, it work when i change the state of the song. The rack state don’t change.

But it doesn’t work when i change the song, the rack state always change.


Are you able to post the Cantabile song file or some snapshots of your song’s Routing view? I might understand better then. It sounds like you are using rack states and changing them along with Song states so that is more complex to answer. To be sure what is up a picture may help.




I 've test again with a new basic configuration,

i have created 2 new songs : song1 and song2
i have created 1 new link rack and 2 racks states : state1 and state2.
i have not change routing or binding or other.

i uncheck selected rack state

i set the song1 with state1
i set the song2 with state2

When i switch song1 and song2, the states always change.





If I am getting it you need to have the selected rack state box checked first so the rack state can be controlled by the song. Then on each song set the rack state to where you would like it to load and save the song. So if you want the rack state set to state 1 for both songs you need to make sure you save the song with the rack state selected that you want to come up when you load the song. Your examples show that the state behavior switch is checked so if you wanted to load state one each time a new song loaded you have to have the song set to rack state one when you save the song.


I want change the sound of my keyboard 2 without change the sound of my keyboard 1, and this method doesn’t work.


I noticed the Exported State box was checked in the rack. Try unchecking that box.

The " Selected Rack State" should be checked if you want it to change with song states but the Exported is rarely used in my case. Try it and see if it works



“Selected Rack State” doesn’t work