Is it possible to enable a preccount option in play function?

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know if this could be implemented on a next build.

I use markers a lot now. This function changes my life really!

I can jump to different parts of a song quickly!

But I always really find it hard to attack my playing directly. Often I think it would be easier to have the option to add a mesure precount before. When recording and playing!

That could be available in the binding menu of the transport. Like for exemple " play with precount".

Maybe we could choose the number of mesures as an optionā€¦ so this could be interesting too for the ability to insert mesures at the begining of a trackā€¦that is needed too for my personnal useā€¦

Thank for your comments.

What do you think of that?


Nice idea. It would be handy. Often I am practising for Welsh Floyd and just want to go over a certain part of a song a few times, like the solos (I also have the original songs we clicked against in a normally muted media file for practice), so I have ranges set with sufficient time to get the tempo, but a pre-count would be cool.

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