Is it possible to delay single inputports?

Hello to all and first, thank you all for this forum. During the last months it was always a great help for me.

StartingPoint: Different Inputports, played from one keyboard, to double or triple sounds. Is it possible to delay the midi-signals going to the racks, so that not all the sounds are starting at the same time but with little different delays, (rack 1-10ms, rack 2-15ms etc)?

Thank you for an answer. Walle

Hi @Walle

Cantabile doesn’t have anything built in for this, but you might be able to find a MIDI plugin that does it.

eg: PizMidi has the midiDelay plugin but not sure if it suits your needs.


Thank you, Brad. That helps.

This is one of those questions that begs the return question ‘what is it you’re actually trying to do?’, because there may be other options.

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Thinking a bit outside the box - if you just want the sounds to start at different times, how about putting an audio delay plugin after the rack - 100% wet, no repeats, no filtering etc. Super-easy to dial in just the right amount of delay per instrument… And if you want to spice up your layers, you could use a modulated delay - even more flavors.

Not really necessary to do this at the MIDI level, is it?




Your post leads me to believe that you would be able to answer a question that I have:

When I use (what you’ve described) an FX after a rack) trying to side-chain said effect (to control the amount), it always increases the gain of the rack. Is this normal? I wanted to use it as an easy On/Off switch for the FX, but it always makes the instrument rack too loud.

This is not me looking for a solution, just curiosity.



Not sure what you mean with “side-chain” here (this is a term usually used in the context of compressors) - do you mean that you are running the effect in parallel to the output of the rack? Maybe a screen shot of your routing could clarify…

Usually, my effect plugins are embedded in the instrument rack (e.g. EQ after an instrument) or contained in their own rack (because I don’t want to have any plugins at song level). I use plugin racks either as send destinations (I create a route from my instrument to master out, another route to the plugin rack and set that plugin to 100% wet) or I use them as inserts (running the output from the instrument through the plugin rack).

Your issue “makes the instrument rack too loud” sounds like you are running the effect plugin as a send, but you haven’t set the effect to 100% wet, so you’re still getting some of the original signal, which then of course adds to the original. could that be it?



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Thanks, you’ve answered my question! :+1:

What I tried (but didn’t like the results) was to use two audio outputs from the Instrument rack - one to the Main Out and one to the FX rack. I did not use a 100% Wet setting on the Reverb/Delay. I’ll play with this some more when I’m in “experiment” mode.



that’s the issue - when use effects as “sends” (which is essentially what you are doing), you need to set them to 100% wet, otherwise you’ll get more of the dry signal through the effects channel, effectively boosting your original signal.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. It is really appreciated. :notes:

Sorry for going off on a tangent a bit from the original post.
When setting up an effect as a send, is there much difference in using the out gain of the effect or the in gain of the route as the control for the FX amount?
I’ve only recently set up some effects like this and wondered if anyone with experience has any thoughts?


I always use the gain of the route TO the effect. That way, I can add different amounts of the same reverb to a number of racks. With the gain of the effect rack, I can adjust the overall level of the effect across all its sends.

Just like on a mixing console…

Ah yes, makes sense picturing it like a mixing console.

Thanks @Torsten!