Is it possible to convert between song and rack?

Songs and racks are so similar… is it possible to easily convert back and forth between them?

This discussion might help. Racks are very much like songs but don’t have the side effect of audio port disconnects (reverb tails and piano sustains) between setlist changes which is why they are often used for multi song medleys. The rack states become the setlist in effect.

Thanks Dave. I had thought to try that, but shift clicking doesn’t seem to work. Only one object at a time can be selected, which can of course be copied. However, all routing details are lost if they exist between objects. I could have sworn this worked in the past.

*** EDIT ***

I just figured it out. when selecting an object, it must be done from the routing table, not the graphical view. … and, the entire row must be selected. If you click on a place that selects only a part of the object you can’t select more than one object at a time.


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