Is AIR Solina for $29 a good idea?

Interested in what people think of AIR Solina , for the occasional need for 60/70’s string synth sounds it seems good enough.

I hear more about Arturia Solina V but unless you want to buy it as part of their vintage bundle it’s a lot of money for just that instrument.

Also check out Stringer by Sonic Projects. I also like G-Force’s VSM.

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My current favorite is Loomer String - I try to avoid sample-based VSTi

The Loomer ensemble doesn’t model a specific device, but you can get a lot of nice Floyd’ish or Jarre’ish sounds out of it - at a very decent CPU footprint.


Not a Solina specific emulator, but free string and early polysynth.

Also there is the old reliable Cheeze Machine which is free as well from 2getheraudio

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I second Dave’s Cheeze Machine idea. We do a lot of 50’s -60-70’s and the Cheeze Machine sounds right at home in those tunes…and…nothing beats FREE!

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Thanks for the quick responses - I passed on Solina based on responses here. I have Cheeze Machine and a few older Solina emulations that I’ll stick with. Agree with Torsten to avoid sample based emulation when possible.

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