IR Dum . . . Or “Huh . . The M1 doesn’t do Omni mode . . . “

M1 wasn’t responding to the keyboard . . .

Okay, check the blinky lights, MIDI traffic is getting to the rack . . . Inside the rack it’s getting to M!, switch the route to the Poly 6, it responds.

Open the M1, poke at its screen keyboard, it’s working. Try my main keyboard, no crickets. Huh.

Close Cantabile, open M1 Standalone. Doesn’t respond to the keyboard. Responds to its screen keyboard. Huh.

Reinstall M1 . . Reproduce exact same symptoms. Huh.

Re-open Cantabile, re-plug all the M1 sounds I just hosed . . .Turn on MIDI monitor. “Ch13 . . . “. Huh . . .

Reset my main keyboard to transmit on Ch1.

Then look at the Poly 6 and M1 plugins and verify that, yep, Poly 6 does Omni mode by default, and the M1 doesn’t even seem to have t hat option . . . Huh


I am assuming because the M1 has a combi mode, and if you are running in that it will be responding to individual channels per combi timbre?

Oh that could be. How often do we think about That detail?

Anyone, M1 input set to translate to ch1 now