IQ - Resistance


Hi, Neil

I just wanted to say the new IQ album has been on near constant play all week. :slight_smile:

Some very immediate tracks and some that you need to let the grow on you, but all in all a great album.

Too many good musical points to mention, but my real favourite moment right now is the instrumental section at the end of “Shallow Bay”. Classic IQ vibe!

So, a cracking album, and kudos to IQ and all who crafted it.


Aww thanks for your kind words Derek!!! Really glad you’re enjoying it!

And just to keep it on-topic, there’s no way in the world I could play most of the tracks on the new album live, with all those sound changes etc, without Cantabile :slight_smile:



It was worth the wait :slight_smile: and highly recommended to all the other Cantabile prog heads! :slight_smile:


I have it too and have listened to it almost every day this week. Amazing album! So far “Perfect Space” is my favorite. I am curious, how many song states does a live version of something like “The Great Spirit Way.” have?

  • Paul


Hi Paul,

We haven’t played “The Great Spirit Way” live yet, so I haven’t yet set up my Cantabile song for it fully yet. But for example “For Another Lifetime” from disk 1 weighs in at 23 song states, and 24 racks. I think “The Great Spirit Way” is going to be more…



Hi, Neil

Just curious to know what the organ is on “Shallow Bay”? I especially love the sound you have there.


It’s just VB3, nothing fancy, but blended with Mellotron strings.